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Mail Forwarding Service

Mail forwarding & Business address

The beauty of the London Virtual Offices mail forwarding service is that your company’s address is registered in the heart of the prestigious Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea . Whether you choose to work from home, live abroad, or want to simply use our London premises to meet clients, our London business address is available at your disposal, giving you all the benefits of the mail forwarding services in a prestigious London office, but without the cost.

  • Prime London Location in W8
  • Register your company at our Kensington address
  • Your post is received, sorted by our team & held at our secure location
  • Post can be collected or forwarded onto a different address
  • Post & Parcels held at reception & delivered to you anywhere in the world
  • Urgent / important delivery notification
  • Friendly and experienced staff

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Mail Forwarding Service FAQs

Can I use your address as my registered business address?

Yes. You may use our prestigious Kensington location as your registered business address.

Does your mail forwarding/collection service accept parcels?

Our mailing service can accept post of any description, from letters and parcels to courier deliveries. The latter are signed for and you are alerted as to their arrival.

Can I use your services from outside the UK?

Our virtual office service can be used globally by your business. Whether you are based within the United Kingdom or reside internationally, our mail forwarding and phone answering service can be tailored to meet your business needs.

Can you scan my post and email it to me?

All mailing forwarding service client have the option to scan to email service

How long does it take to start using my London Address?

To commence your service, complete the online sign up form. Once we have your business details and the initial payment, your services can be in operation within 24-48 hours.

Can I collect my mail form your office?

Your mail is kept secure in our London office and you collect it within our office hours

What is my London mail address?

Once you sign up, Your London Business & Mail forwarding Address will be: Vicarage House, 58-60 Kensington church St London W8 4DB

Mail Forwarding Service to establish your  presence in London

Our Mail forwarding service will help your business to get into a great shape. Years of experience in virtual office service earned us the reputation and the trust that many start ups and small businesses prefer us than other company. We can deliver the excellence that you are looking for no matter what industry you are based in. When you have a London office address, you can increase the reputation of your firm and show others that they should be dealing with you. When you choose us for mail forwarding in London, you get the chance to enhance the way your business is seen without the cost of having an office in London.
Our convenient, inexpensive business mail forwarding services can offer you a prestigious postcode, that helps you build trust amongst not only existing customers but potential clients too. We are passionate about helping you boost your global reach with our virtual office mail forwarding services, and you can either have your correspondence forwarded to any address of your choice or collect it from us in person. You’ll be able to use your London address on your website, on all the printed material you send out and on your stationery. If you’re a limited company, you can use our address in the capital as your main registered office at Companies House. Your residential address will be absent from public services, and we will forward all statutory mail to you for free. Our Directors Service Address ensures your residential address doesn’t feature on the Companies House register and is ideal for company secretaries, shareholders and directors.

A host of benefits

There are many great reasons

There are many great reasons for opting for our London mail forwarding services. We provide the perfect solution for anyone that wishes to use a London address without paying to use an office in the city. With our services, you can get all the benefits of a London business address without any of the costly drawbacks. We’re always on hand to answer any questions that you might have and consistently do everything we can to provide the outstanding service that you require. London is one of the world’s most prestigious and iconic cities, so it makes perfect sense to associate it with your company. To find out more, just take a look around our website or get in touch via the phone or e-mail.

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Mail Forwarding Service

As a business, it is often the case that you will need to get incredibly sensitive documents forwarded to you and have access to a permanent place of residence where mail can be delivered to you within the UK. This is exactly where we come in, offering our extensive mail forwarding service to you based on years of experience and a professional edge that you will come to love. You are welcome to use our business address services.

Mail Forwarding For Your Needs

Our mail forwarding service has been designed to provide you with the necessary support that your business needs. Mail forwarding is an essential part of business operations. If you don’t have a fixed business address, then important documents need to be sent somewhere and then forward it on to you so you can access them. This is where having a mail forwarding UK service comes in useful. We offer our offices as a permanent address for your business to receive letters, documents, and other correspondences, which will then forward to you to make sure that you get them.

The Height of Convenience

Having a London forwarding address is one of the most convenient things that your business can have. When it comes to collaborating with other enterprises, it’s often very difficult if you’re not based in the UK to get access to the relevant collaborations and partnerships that would otherwise help to boost your reputation and improve your business.

With a mail forwarding London service, businesses can send their correspondences directly to us, and then we will forward them to you, thus enabling a dialogue to open up between your corporation and theirs. This creates a wealth of opportunities for improving your relationship with the local community and at the same time, building a network of meaningful connections.

Here to Help You 

Naturally, we strive to deliver a very capable experience, which is based on the idea of giving you the best business mail forwarding service possible. Our team is highly professional, and we can arrange for the transport of your mail in a quick and effective way. However, as part of our business address service, we can also hold your mail for you until you come to collect it if you’d rather have it stored in a safe location whilst you return to the UK. This can be great for people who are on business trips frequently but like to come back and catch up with their correspondences at once back on home soil

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Please feel free to contact us today if you have any questions about the kind of service that we provide when it comes to forwarding mail UK. We are more than happy to discuss a bespoke solution for your needs, tailored to give you the support that you want. Whether you want us to hold your nail or forward it to you via a private courier, we are happy to help. We pride ourselves on delivering a fantastic service from beginning to end.

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